William Shatner, Star Trek's Captain Kirk, takes on an AI chatbot

Captain Kirk from Star Trek, William Shatner, debates an AI chatbot

William Shatner, a renowned “Star Trek” actor, has been experimenting with the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

The actor most known for playing Captain Kirk on “Star Trek” engaged in a philosophical and ethical discussion with ProtoBot, a device that mixes holographic graphics with conversational AI.

Shatner told Reuters, “I’m asking ProtoBot questions that a computer often doesn’t answer. “A computer can add two and two, but can ProtoBot understand the meaning of love? Does ProtoBot possess sentience? Can they comprehend feeling? Do they comprehend fear?

Together with conversational AI creator CodeBaby, hologram technology supplier Proto Inc. created the ProtoBot device.

On September 8, it will be made accessible for free to Proto M or Proto Epic hologram unit owners.

The life-size Proto Epic sells for $65,000 while the smaller Proto M unit costs about $6,500. Within the following 18 months, Proto plans to offer consumers a less expensive model.

Shatner works as a consultant for Proto.

The conversational AI company CodeBaby collaborated with hologram technology provider Proto Inc to create the ProtoBot device.

Owners of Proto M or Proto Epic holographic units will be able to download it for free on September 8th.

The price difference between the life-size Proto Epic and the smaller Proto M unit is approximately $6,500. In the upcoming 18 months, Proto plans to make a less expensive model available to consumers.

Shatner serves as Proto’s paid advisor.

Developers of conversational AI, CodeBaby and Proto Inc., who specialize in hologram technology, created the ProtoBot device.

Owners of Proto M or Proto Epic hologram devices can get it for free on September 8th.

While the life-size Proto Epic goes for $65,000, the smaller Proto M unit is only $6,500. In the ensuing 18 months, Proto plans to offer consumers a less expensive model.

For Proto, Shatner serves as a paid advisor.

The device was created to learn from talks, but according to Raffi Kryszek, the chief AI architect and head of innovation at Proto Hologram, it can only build something when instructed to do so.

He stated, “It shouldn’t just think about it on its own.”

As AI technology develops quickly, legislators throughout the world are rushing to enact safeguards.

Proto expects that users of its product will utilize it to generate new ideas in academia, research, and business, as well as for friendship, guidance, and medical diagnosis.

Everywhere, according to Shatner, “we’re at a crossroads.” “This is one of the crossroads; we’re either going to burn up or we’re going to surpass all expectations. We must decide how to go in the present or we will fail. We live in really fascinating historical times.


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